Data Protection

We, I:Collect GmbH, take the protection of your personal data very seriously and adhere strictly to the provisions of data protection legislation. This website only gathers personal data where technically necessary. Under no circumstances are the gathered data sold or disclosed to any third party for other reasons.

The following statement provides you with an overview of how we guarantee this protection and explains which data are gathered for what purpose.


Responsible for the website:

I:Collect GmbH
An der Strusbek 19
22926 Ahrensburg
Executive board: Walter J. Thomsen
Tel:  + 49 4102 45 45 4-0
Data protection commissioner:


The recording, processing and storing of data

You can visit our website without having your personal data recorded by us. However, if you enter into contact with our company, either by using the contact form or by email, your personal data will be recorded. The data will only be used for specific purposes, i.e., to

  1. respond to enquiries
  2. prepare quotations
  3. conduct application processes
  4. establish, perform and process contracts

Once they have served their purpose, your data will be erased. Please note, however, that your data may be subject to other legal and tax regulations pursuant to which erasure is only permissible as of a certain date.


Contact form

The contact form can be used to contact us. Upon filling in the contact form, an email will be sent to us. The information you provide is only stored for purposes of processing your enquiry. After your enquiry has been processed, the corresponding record is erased pursuant to the relevant statutory provisions.


Your rights to information, rectification, restriction, erasure and objection

You have the right to obtain, at any time and at no cost, information about the personal data concerning you that we have stored. You also have the right, if applicable, to have your data rectified, to have access to your data restricted, and to have your data erased. You moreover have the right to withdraw your consent to the storage of your data. If you exercise a legitimate right to object to the storage of your data or a right to have your data erased, your data will be erased accordingly, except where legal or contractual provisions do not permit such erasure. Also excluded from such erasure are any data required for purposes of establishing, performing or processing contracts within the scope of legal transactions, as well as data that must be stored for billing purposes. Should you have any questions regarding access restriction, erasure or rectification of your data, or regarding the withdrawal of your previously issued consent, please contact our data protection commissioner using the contact information provided above.


The forwarding of personal data to third parties

The data we record are forwarded to the affiliated companies tasked with processing and responding to enquiries. These companies are as follows:

  1. SOEX-Textilvermarktungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
  2. SOEX Collecting Germany GmbH
  3. SOEX UK
  4. SOEX Processing Germany GmbH
  5. SOEX Processing Middle East FZE
  6. SOEX Recycling Germany GmbH
  7. SOEX Trading Germany GmbH

You are entitled to, at any time, obtain information regarding the personal data stored by us and forwarded to third parties. You are moreover entitled to, at any time, withdraw the consent previously granted to us. To obtain information or withdraw your consent, please contact the data protection commissioner using the contact information provided above.


Use of cookies

We use cookies for purposes of optimizing our website and in order to facilitate the use of various functions. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. These cookies, called session cookies, are erased from your computer after your browser session has ended.


Google reCAPTCHA

In order to ensure sufficient data security when submitting forms, we use Google Inc.’s reCAPTCHA service in certain cases. This is mainly used to distinguish whether the entry has been made by a natural person or abusively by a machine and via automated processing. This service includes sending to Google the IP address and any other data required by Google for the reCAPTCHA service. The deviating data protection regulations of Google Inc. apply to this. For more information about Google Inc.’s privacy policy, visit or


Amendment to our data protection provisions

In order to comply with the current legal requirements and to be able to adapt our data protection policy in the event of changes to our services (e.g. launch of new services), we reserve the right to occasionally amend our data protection policy.

As such, the respective new data protection policy shall apply to any new visits to our website.

Last amended: 25 May 2018