Together We Can Make Change Happen

Whether in a department store, footwear shop, fashion discounter, sporting goods store or shopping center, the I:CO take-back system is helping enable our partners to close the loop on textiles worldwide and achieve their corporate visions.

Cecilia Strömblad Brännsten – Global Project Manager, H&M Garment Collecting Program

“The Global H&M Garment Collecting Program is an important part of our long term 100% circular vision. With the Garment Collecting Program we want to decrease the environmental impact of the fashion industry by minimizing textile waste and by closing the loop on textiles through reuse and recycling, decreasing our dependence on valuable natural resources.”

Adam Elman, Global Head of Plan A Delivery, Marks & Spencer

“Marks & Spencer’s International Clothes Exchange is designed to reduce the tens of millions of tons of clothing sent by the public to landfill around the world each year. At M&S, we believe unwanted clothes should have a future – they should be put to good use, not just thrown out. That’s where I:CO comes in. I:CO’s valuable support in Marks & Spencer’s international markets enables M&S to encourage even more customers around the world to recycle their clothes and live more sustainable lifestyles.”

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