I:CO starts partnership with the British fashion label FatFace

The British retail company FatFace starts a joint takeback initiative with I:CO, the global partner for in-store collection, re:use and re:cycling of used textiles and shoes. Customers of the label can drop their unwanted clothes in every participating FatFace branch in the United Kingdom – regardless of the clothes’ brand. I:CO and FatFace pursue common goals: Reducing textile waste, saving resources by keeping manufactured goods longer in the textile loop, and the protection of the environment. With this cooperation, I:CO keeps expanding its global network.

Since the middle of January, customers of FatFace can drop unwanted textiles in its branches, regardless of the brand, in dry and clean condition. In return, they receive a discount of £10 on a new garment of the Denim collection. I:CO organizes the transport of the dropped clothes from the participating FatFace branches to the nearest sorting plant where a precise and certified sorting and valuation is carried out according to the international waste hierarchy: re:use before re:cycling. Every garment is sorted by hand and categorized for best possible re:use. Still wearable products get a second life as second-hand goods; no longer wearable products are recycled and processed into products for other industries, among them insulating material for the automotive industry, cleaning cloths or paint substrate.

“This cooperation with FatFace is a further step towards a circular fashion industry,” says Axel Buchholz, CEO of I:CO. “With this take-back program, FatFace not only takes on ecological responsibility, but also increases the awareness with customers for the more and more important topic of textile waste and offers them an easy opportunity to keep their clothes in the textile loop.”

FatFace has a trade network of more than 230 stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the U.S. and continues to grow. The UK-based label is cooperating with more than 130 garment factories in 14 countries. They strive for long-term business relationships with their suppliers, based on trust and longevity. What matters to them is a cooperation with partners that meet their high expectations of quality and ethical standards; partners that acknowledge that the social and ecological problems of the fashion industry have to be understood and addressed.

The partnership with FatFace adds to I:CO’s global network that includes more than 60 countries with more than 40 partners, among them H&M, Vagabond, GUESS? and Adidas.

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