I:CO partners with Global Fashion Agenda

On May 11, 2017, decision-makers from the global fashion industry come together in Copenhagen for the 5th Copenhagen Fashion Summit. It is the main event of the non-profit, year-round initiative called the Global Fashion Agenda (GFA). The world’s leading business forum on sustainable fashion will address the most critical issues that our industry and planet face.

This year’s main theme for the Summit is “Commitment to Change”. One of the expected outcomes of the 2017 Summit is the signing of a concrete call to action pledge put forward by GFA to create a unified effort in accelerating the fashion industry’s transition to a circular system.

GFA will create a toolbox for the signatories in partnership with I:CO, the global solutions provider and innovator for the collection, re-use and recycling of used clothing and shoes. I:CO serves as an exclusive partner and provides case studies and the sharing of data, insights and experiences in order to support fashion brands in implementing the commitment.


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