ETERNA Extending Its Sustainability Strategy With I:CO Take-back System

From May 2017, ETERNA – together with I:CO – not only makes take-back of worn-out clothing possible but also organizes the responsible utilization of the items returned. Since 1863, the long-established German company based in Passau stands for business shirts and blouses. Before starting the campaign, some successful test runs have already been carried out in selected stores. As ETERNA customers have enthusiastically received the campaign, it will be extended to all ETERNA stores in Germany and Austria. Customers who return sorted-out clothing – no matter which brand or in which condition – will receive a bonus for it. For each piece of clothing returned, customers will get a voucher worth 10 euros to be redeemed immediately or later when buying a new ETERNA shirt or ETERNA blouse. For the moment, the campaign is calculated for a period of six months.

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