ETERNA Extending Its Sustainability Strategy With I:CO Take-back System
From May 2017, ETERNA – together with I:CO – not only makes take-back of worn-out clothing possible but also organizes the responsible utilization of the items returned. Since 1863, the long-established German company based in Passau stands for business shirts and blouses. Before starting the campaign, some successful test runs have already been carried out in selected stores. As ETERNA customers have enthusiastically received the campaign, it will be extended to all ETERNA stores in Germany and Austria. Customers who return sorted-out clothing – no matter which brand or in which condition – will receive a bonus for it. For each piece of clothing returned, customers will get a voucher worth 10 euros to be redeemed immediately or later when buying a new ETERNA shirt or ETERNA blouse. For the moment, the campaign is calculated for a period of six months.
Fit for Reuse and Recycling – Globetrotter and I:CO Launch Take-Back Campaign
Good news for outdoor and globetrotter fans: Following February 2017, they will be able to hand in worn textiles and footwear at all branches of the leading outdoor and travel equipment supplier in Germany. This is how Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH is expanding its commitment to sustainability, while at the same time providing the basis for a closed cycle of recyclable material. With a first branch for expeditions, safaris, survival and trekking, the founders as well as survival experts Klaus Denart and Peter Lechhart hit the ground running in Hamburg as early as 1979. Today Globetrotter is represented by branches in Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Ulm, as well as by outlet stores in Bonn and Metzingen. From today on, Globetrotter will accept disused clothing and shoes from their clients. Thus, hiking, trekking or winter boots, socks, jackets, ski pants and much more can be brought to their optimal purpose.
H&M Launches New Collection Campaign “Bring It”
The new Garment Collection campaign “Bring It” will debut globally on January 26 at The goal of the campaign is to spread awareness on the importance of garment recycling. In order to reach this goal, a brand new film directed by Chrystal Moselle will kick-off the Garment Collecting campaign “Bring It”. Since 2013, H&M has run its worldwide Garment Collecting initiative and has collected over 40,000 tonnes of clothing. Customers can bring any unwanted clothing from any brand and in any condition to all H&M stores year-round. H&M aims to advance the amount of clothing collected every year in order to attain a total collected volume of 25,000 tonnes annually by 2020. See link for the video:  youtube   For more information on Garment Collecting and Close the Loop, please visit:
I:CO Named Runner-up of "The Circulars 2017"
Last night, I:CO took second place in the category “The Young Global Leaders Award for Circular Economy SME 2017”. In the course of a prestigious prize ceremony in Davos, Switzerland, all winners of “The Circulars 2017” received awards for their path-breaking performances with reference to a circular economy. I:CO convinced the jury of “The Circulars 2017” by steadily following and implementing its vision to empower a circular economy for the textile industry, where used textiles and shoes circulate in closed loops and are used over and over again.