Positive Change Requires Bold Thinking

Almost 150 million tonnes of clothing and shoes are sold worldwide every year. The majority of this ends up in landfills or is incinerated instead of being reused or recycled, wasting valuable resources and causing harm to the environment. Key reasons for this include low consumer awareness and urgency and a lack of collection structures in many countries. The traditional linear supply chain based on the “take-make-waste” business model is unsustainable.

Is there a solution which is sustainable, practical, scalable AND makes financial sense?

Circular Economy in the Textile Industry

Restorative and regenerative by design, a circular economy industry approach can lead to positive change. Pre-loved clothing and shoes would circulate in closed product and material cycles and be used continuously in the manufacturing of new products. At I:CO, we are committed to this vision. Our innovative take-back system is helping make it a reality and is used successfully by many companies around the world today.

The I:CO take-back system makes it possible to collect used clothing and shoes at a retailer’s point of sale and give them a new life through reuse or recycling.