I:CO City – Acting Locally Creates Change

Many cities are helping lead the way to renewing our planet locally, and their collective efforts are having a positive global impact. To help build more sustainable cities and extend I:CO’s message and services, we created a new offering called the I:CO City approach.


Working together with the Department of the Environment, this initiative aims to create a public, private and non-profit infrastructure to make it easier, convenient and rewarding for residents and businesses to recycle textiles. The goal is to eliminate the almost 20.000 tons of clothing, shoes and other textiles going to their landfills – that’s over 39 million pounds per year!


Through the awareness outreach and collection and processing of these valuable material resources, our I:CO City approach will help protect the environment, create green jobs and generate city economic growth. With collaboration, knowledge sharing and actions to drive change, I:CO is inspiring communities around the globe to help build a sustainable future.

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