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The fact is, most of us have far too many things – things you buy, things you take home with you. But instead of simply tossing your things, why not return them to their natural cycle? WATCH VIDEO


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Almost 150 million tons of shoes and clothing are sold worldwide every year. Only a very small part finds its way back into the production cycle. MORE

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    It is time again to clean out your closet for the upcoming fashion season: Already for the third time, I:CO is working in collaboration with Intimissimi. Until May 31st, 2015, customers of the Italian lingerie label can return their worn-out clothes to [...] MORE

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    Kleiderei is an innovative clothing library, from which you can rentclothes for a monthly fee instead of buying them – an idea which has always been part of the I:CO vision. MORE

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    The application for the third I:CO Award is approaching its final round - innovative recycling ideas can be entered up to the 1st of May for the international research prize for textile and shoe upcycling, which includes a cash reward of over 5,000 euros.  MORE

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