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The fact is, most of us have far too many things – things you buy, things you take home with you. But instead of simply tossing your things, why not return them to their natural cycle? WATCH VIDEO


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Almost 150 million tons of shoes and clothing are sold worldwide every year. Only a very small part finds its way back into the production cycle. MORE

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    On February 1st and 2nd, I:CO’s Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Gilbert will speak at two influential events in New York alongside other changemakers who are bringing awareness and innovative solutions to fashion industry’s sustainability challenges. MORE

  • I:CO News

    On October, 28 Pailak Mzikian – Head of Recycling & Sustainability of I:CO’s parent company SOEX GROUP – presented the project RESYNTEX at the “Innovating for Sustainability in European Textiles and Clothing” conference in Brussels. The research project is [...] MORE

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    Columbia Sportswear launches its new clothing and shoes recycling program “Rethreads” with I:CO. As of October 21st, customers are now able to drop unwanted clean and dry clothing, shoes and other textiles of any brand into the specifically marked collection [...] MORE

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